Matomo not tracking visits from users using Edge browser


  • We are currently using Matomo 3.7.0.
  • We are currently using Microsoft Edge 44.17763.1.0.
  • One of our customers reported Matomo is not tracking page visits to their site by Edge users. This has probably been the case for awhile; however, we have not cared until now… I suspect the page visits are not being tracked due one of our Edge settings, which is locked down by our administrators…
  • I found a solution when searching for this problem, but it was dated 2016, and it was a database/table update that fixed it, and I don’t/didn’t see what version of Matomo was involved. Can someone/anyone tell me either 1) what setting in Edge can prevent it from being tracked, so I can beat our administrators with it, or/or 2) what version of Matomo “should” be able to track Edge users?

Thank You/Whoever in advance!


Every version. The tracking code is written in a way that it works in every browser newer than IE 5 (or 6).

The most likely thing is that DoNotTrack is enabled which causes Matomo to not track the request at all.
Or the users are running browser extensions (like adblockers) that block the Matomo requests.

If you want to know it for sure temporarily enable debugging and check the response from the piwik.php or matomo.php request in the browser network tools.

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Thank You Lukas!

In our case, both scenarios are true… Our Enterprise (locked down) version of Edge has “Do Not Track” enabled (and is grayed out), and when I enabled debugging, I saw many instances of “DoNotTrack header found!”; “Visitor excluded”…

Thanks again! :smiley:

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