Matomo not recording all visits

Hi, using old Matomo so understand if no solution…I have another tracking service for my site which records every visitor…however Matomo doesn’t get all visitors/visits…so for example my other tracking service records 3 visitors to a page Matomo only records 2 visitors…it somehow misses some visitors…using 3.6 and again understand if no solution…just can’t use latest version as running php 5.5


Hi @RichardMatomo

How does this other service work? (JavaScript tracking, server-side tracking, server log analysis, etc.)
With this second service, do you have the page view detail? Do you have also the device details (which device is missing?)
On your Matomo, how is configured the DNT?

What is the tracking code bootstrap?

Hi Philippe, thanks for your time. Well, I’m not so confident with all of this. The other service is a hosted service(not on my domain/server) and it does use cookies(hence I really like Matomo) and I had to(like Matomo) add some lines of javascript to my pages.

Yes, this other service has page view details, device details. I would have to compare both services to see if it is a device issue…however I can say todays missed visitors had both devices…2 was PC/desktop and 1 was iphone.

Thanks for the DNT setting question…I will today disable DNT and will monitor.

Thanks again,

Hi Philippe, update…since I disabled DNT its much better. Before Matomo missed 2/3 visitors out of 6, now only 1 out of 6…so appreciate your advice/solution…thanks

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