Matomo not processing WooCommerce data

We have seen a drop-off in ecommerce data being collected by our Matomo install. Everything was working as expected, but 18th April the data seems to have stopped flowing.

I have “Connect Matomo” and “WooCommerce Analytics” both setup and using a secure auth token, but no matter what I try, I see the page view but no ecommerce.

Can you point me in the right direction to help troubleshoot why this is happening?

Debugging Logs below:

[USER@SERVER~]$ tail -f public_html/wp-content/uploads/wc-logs/woo-matomo-tracking-2024-06-26-2024-06-26-db7959d8bee30da35589771f7d403195.log
2024-06-26T13:25:24+00:00 NOTICE Status change for ecommerce order 24050 from pending to processing CONTEXT: {“_legacy”:true}
2024-06-26T13:25:24+00:00 NOTICE Visitor ID was not found in order metadata for order id 24050 CONTEXT: {“_legacy”:true}
2024-06-26T13:25:24+00:00 NOTICE New payment complete details for 24050 CONTEXT: {“_legacy”:true}
2024-06-26T13:25:24+00:00 NOTICE Order 24050 with order number 5354 has status: processing CONTEXT: {“_legacy”:true}
2024-06-26T13:25:24+00:00 NOTICE Tracked ecommerce order 24050 with number 5354: https://REDACTED/matomo.php?idsite=18&rec=1&apiv=1&r=299752&cip=REDACTED&_idts=1719408022&cid=56eec4cd65c214e1&[[“SG50”%2C"REDACTED"%2C[“REDACTED”]%2C"29.17"%2C1]]&ec_id=5354 CONTEXT: {“_legacy”:true}
2024-06-26T13:25:25+00:00 NOTICE on_successful_payment_result fallback CONTEXT: {“_legacy”:true}
2024-06-26T13:25:25+00:00 NOTICE New payment complete details for 24050 CONTEXT: {“_legacy”:true}
2024-06-26T13:25:25+00:00 NOTICE Ignoring already tracked order 24050 CONTEXT: {“_legacy”:true}
2024-06-26T19:03:19+00:00 NOTICE Tracked ecommerce cart update: https://REDACTED/matomo.php?idsite=18&rec=1&apiv=1&r=753852&cip=REDACTED&_idts=1713180928&cid=6d4b8b27bf5905dc&{“platform”%3A"\\\“Windows\\\”"}&idgoal=0 CONTEXT: {“_legacy”:true}
2024-06-26T19:03:29+00:00 NOTICE Tracked ecommerce cart update: https://REDACTED/matomo.php?idsite=18&rec=1&apiv=1&r=853743&cip={“platform”%3A"\\\“Windows\\\”“}&idgoal=0&revenue=35.00&ec_items=[[“EQ50”%2C"REDACTED”%2C[“Gin”]%2C"29.17"%2C1]] CONTEXT: {“_legacy”:true}

Upon further testing on this, I can see that the request are successfully being sent and receive a 200 OK response, however we are not seeing any ecommerce data within Matomo.

Searching mod_security, I see a lot of entries logged, but they all have a 204 response.

Any ideas?