Matomo no send mail for invite a new user

Hi all,

We have a new matomo installation in ver. 4.13.3, php 8.2.x with system RedHat 8.x
Manual verification of email sending using instructions: ./console core:test-email email_adres - is performed without problems. Matomo has never sent a single email from this installation.

Sending an e-mail from the new user function is successful - the service says that the e-mail has been sent, but the effect is that nothing reaches the addressee with matomo. Even nothing reaches exchange, there is nothing in the logs about problems.

Where is the problem?
Thank you for your help.

Hi @termi
Can you check with your Hosting provider if email has not been silently disabled?
Did you check also all:

This is how it was checked - our matomo works locally and sends information to the lolan exchange gateway
Currently our matomo sends cyclical email reports but no longer sends the same report using the Send report now function,
Invitations for new users matomo says that it has been sent but the system does not physically do it - the exchange system does not receive any of these shipments from matomo’s website.
One works, the other doesn’t - one negates the other.

Hi @termi
Could this ticket help you to solve your issue?

Yes it helped. Thank you very much