Matomo nginx + php-fpm session recording not working


We are using matomo in our environment on aws cloud, our setup is simple:

nginx pod -> 2x php-fpm pod + 1 redis pod for sessions, -> aurora mysql 5.6
I also mounted /js folder and /tmp from nfs for pods to see same things. Rest is kept in git repo, and when there is new release, everything is copied to pod, so code i serverd from inside pod, so there’s no issue with file access time

Everything work fine, except session recordings. We use config for nginx from your github, but can’t get session recording properly, heatmap is working good, but no sessions.

I have launched second clean instance, for tests, and behaviour was the same. So for test i switched from nginx+fpm, to apache, and sessions started to record properly.

What is the cause for this beahoviur? I’ve spent many hours trying to resolve this, but have no luck, we preffer nginx for speed, and from my point of view, it should work perfect, but it’s not.
System checks says everything is ok, but cant get nginx with fpm sessions records