Matomo MySQL Question

(cornellius) #1

Is MySQL database attached or included with Matomo? When creating a database and a database user with just a few clicks via “Matomo”, will tables in MySQL database automatically be created? How does that work (i.e. Are “constraints/relationships” between the tables created automatically)? Creating MySQL Database and user “manually” the same as “clicking” to create a database in Matomo? What tools can you use to access the database to query or modify objects within the database (i.e. MySQL Workbench, phpMyAdmin, etc.)? I am asking these question to clarify my understanding of the database connection to Matomo. Thank you in advance.

(Lukas Winkler) #2


Matomo works just like every other PHP/MySQL application (Wordpress, Moodle, Mediawiki, Nextcloud, etc.).

You create a MySQL user and database, you enter the host/username/password/databasename in the installer, Matomo creates all tables and you continue with the setup.

You can access the MySQL database however you want as that has nothing to do with Matomo.