Matomo long lasting load


Motamo 7.2.14

On one of my hosters motamo installation has heavy load times. Not only the result page but also diagnose page etc. load endless etc.
Diagnose reports: "Ihr Server nutzt ein NFS Dateisystem. Dies bedeutet, dass Matomo extrem langsam arbeitet, wenn Dateibasierte Sessions genutzt werden. "
But my Hoster says that this is obligatory by using virtual servers.

Could anyone have an idea to solve this?

(Fabian Dellwing) #2


you could try switching to database session. Since Matomo 3.8.1 this is the default session handler, but you can do this with older versions, too.

See: How do I use the database to store session files, instead of storing sessions in files? FAQ - Analytics Platform - Matomo



Hi Fabian,

Thanks. I added the recommended line. Now I think I have to wait until future data will be stored in db.