Matomo “log_link_visit_action” has double size since the activation of purge old data

Hi, in the last few month, I have create a few Matomo installation for my company, everything was going well, all log was analyse for 27 month of data and all report create. Since everything is running automatically and smooth, we decide to activate the option to purge old data, we want to keep only the last 24 month of log visitor, and 60 month of reports, everything was done like instructed in the web site of Matomo.

But the problem is since the activation of the purge, some installation have double size and none of them have reduced size, I have one installation that have passed from 137GB to 270GB in one night, and it stay like that for the last two week. The tables that look to have double is “log_link_visit_action”

Any help in what direction I should look for why it’s happening is welcome.

Same problem here, did you solved it?