Matomo is not tracking on 1 install

I ran into a problem.

I have two website and two matomo installs (2 different companies)

Suddenly the one website stopped tracking. I’m using the WordPress Plugin Matomo tracker ( Matomo Tracker | ). It used to work.

When I opened Matomo today, I saw no visits. So i opened a different Browser on my machine and on my iPhone. I visited the website and in the Matomo dashboard nothing shows up.

Any idea? reinstalling Matomo?

The same configuration works for the other Company (same host, same configuration)

thank you!

no one any idea?

I even reinstalled matomo and connected it back to the old database.

I checked the API code, I checked everything else i could think off.

nothing is working

Please check the developer console for issues like CORS or other errors.

how do i do that?

Do you mean that? How do I use the console tools in Piwik? Which console tools are available in Piwik by default? - Analytics Platform - Matomo

What than? What do I enter? etc.


in the log view nothing shows up:


When you open your website (the one that doesn’t track) in the webbrowser, open the developer Tools (F12) and check the console and network tab for errors.

ok, here are the messages (for me like a foreign language):


Synchronous XMLHttpRequest on the main thread is deprecated because of its detrimental effects to the end user’s experience. For more help


a lo of URLs how to copy that?

what should it show here?

Thank you!


Hm, if this is the only warning you see (nothing else in red), then I guess the error probably isn’t in how it is integrated into the website.

Would it be possible for you to send a private message with the URL to the Website where Matomo is integrated?

Do you see any visits in the live visitor log? Because that would mean that the requests are ending up in Matomo (but somehow no reports are created)

Hello Lukas,
nothing shows up. the strange thing is, the same setup is working on another server with a different website.

I did a test now. I added the website where the tracking is not working to the matomo Plattform that works and there is nothing as well.

So somehow none of the plugins appear to be working.

you have a PN @Lukas

thank you