Matomo is compatible with MongoDB nosql?

Hi everyone,

I’m looking for an alternative to my current web analytics system and I’m considering Matomo as an option. However, I would like to know if Matomo is compatible with MongoDB, as is this the database system I am using on my website. Has anyone tried using Matomo with MongoDB or knows if it’s possible? According to the documentation there is no support or guide to do it, so I would appreciate any information or advice you can provide me!

Thanks, Luciano

Thank you very much for your email.
We will follow your recommendations and we will test the PostgreSQL solution proposed in your email. To this end, do you have documentation on the installation and configuration of PostgreSQL with Matomo. Do you have feedback? What are the constraints, prerequisites?
Thank You
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Hi @Luciano
Unfortunately the previous message was a spam, and information not correct.
Sorry, there is no official support on PostgreSQL (and neither on MongoDB).