Matomo is blocked by uBlock origin plugin

Hi Team,

With uBlock Origin plugin (, the matomo api’s are getting blocked.

Tried the solution as suggested in the following blog:

Still see the issue with .php api calls. .js calls are fine though.

Could you please share your thoughts on this ?

In the end, even if you get your JS included into the page, the analytics requests to your Matomo server are blocked by uBlock anyway. The respective filter used for that analyzes the JS variables/parameters that are sent to the server. Since you can’t change them, there is no way you may bypass uBlock. We tried a lot in the last years and succeeded now and then, but it seems (almost) impossible by now. It would require a level of customization Matomo doesn’t support (I think).

@maxity: Thank you so much for getting back on this. Appreciate it !!