Matomo Inside a DMZ

Hello all,
I have the following setup and currently not getting tracking data from Matomo.

internet <-> reverse proxy-internet <-> matomo <-> reverse proxy-extranet <-> Intranet

I configure the the to access matomo admin site from intranet with url: extranet/matomo/index.php
→ I can access the Admin site and can create tracking targets.
→ I create a tracking target (publicpage) the tracking JS now contains var u=“//extranet/”;
→ I want to track the website. publicpage
→ I replace the value of u with publicpage
→ The reverse proxy for publicpage rewrites calls for matomo.php & matomo.js from publicpage/matomo.php to internal-hostname/matomo.php

wenn I call publicpage I see HTTP Status 204 for matomo.php and Status 200 for matomo.js
but I see no tracking results in matomo. I also add the publicpage in the white list of the browser.

Can this setup work in principle? If so, what am I missing?

Hi @cma-se
Did you have a look at: