Matomo Injector - Trial Account

Hi all,

I just installed the matomo trial account.

To test the website I used the Matomo injector in Google Chrome.
I added the javascript code to the injector but no data is entering in our dashboard. In the network settings I see the call to Matomo and to our cloud. I want a first view on how Matomo tracks our current website (tags, forms, …)

Is it because of the trial account? The contract with matomo starts in a couple of weeks.

Thx for feedback.


The trial works exactly like the regular account from a technical point of view.

But if the request is sent, but nothing appears in Matomo there is one quite likely: You probably have enabled DoNotTrack in your browser and by default Matomo doesn’t track any data from users with DNT.

BTW: It’s nice that you found my browser plugin, but honestly I am currently planning to remove it as it wasn’t that much of a success and you can do the same with Greasemonkey which is maintained by more people compared to just me:

Thank you for your response!

I do think your plugin is great!
Surely for testing, really love the idea.
I will check the video and try to make it work, it can save me some weeks in my project.

PS/ DNT is disabled, but still no data in Matomo… Weird…

Can you check the live visitor log? All other reports might be a bit delayed as they have to be processed.

BTW: For debugging why no data is recieved, it’s best to contact support as they can temporarily enable a setting so one can exactly see how the request is processed by Matomo: