Matomo in iOS - ensure: unique users, device model, app version


we try Matomo’s iOS SDK to track our iOS app. So far so good.
Some topics came up now:

  1. How do we ensure we see unique users? It seams with updates that users are counted double. It would of course be great to count a user only once.

  2. in visitors/device model we have the chance to see the specific models which are used. But here we only get “Apple - iPhone”. It would of course be great to also get the actual device model (like “iPhone 6S”). Is this somehow possible?

  3. As we will have several versions of an app running in parallel is there a way we can see the distribution of the actual app version the users have been using. So we can also see a distribution of app version currently used. So it would be great to see i.e. 30% V1.1, 30% V1.2, 40% V1.3

Thank you.

Hi @balrog, thanks for your feedback. I will try to help you here.

  1. Are you updating your application or the SDK? Updating the Application should not create duplicate users.

  2. I guess the information you can see is the automatically extracted information which comes from parsing the user agent. If you need more information than that please try out the Custom Dimensions.

  3. You could set a custom dimension to your app version. This way you can see the amount of visits and actions per dimension-value. I am not sure if you can get a percentage calculation based on the user. For example 30% of the users are using version 1.1. Maybe @Lukas or @matthieu can help here?

Best, Cornelius

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