Matomo idvisitor Uniqueness

Dear Team,

Need to understand about the uniqueness of idvisitor column in the database.
By running the below query, against one idvisitor, multiple devices can be seen in some scenarios, sometimes on the same date. What is the logic behind this? As it is my understanding that one device/person will have a unique idvisitor value

select idvisitor,
from matomo_log_visit mlv
group by idvisitor
having count(distinct(config_device_model))>1

Hi @Ali_Raja
do you use sometimes user ID during tracking?

No we do not use user id. Just this. User id field is null in our case

Do you use cookie?
Maybe with shared “browser desktop” (I know Firefox allow such behavior) the cookie may be shared across several devices? (I know that password manager can be shared, but no idea on the cookies…)

Hey, yes we are using cookies. But sharing of cookies is not something usual, so trying to understand if this is a bug?

Hey team, is there any update on this?

@innocraft, any suggestion?

Hi @Ali_Raja can I confirm if you have UserID and Visitor Profile Configured?

It could be the same visitor across multiple devices.

You can also learn more here: