Matomo Icons -- I need your help


If you have used Piwik icons, you have probably noticed that Piwik uses a large collection of icons to display countries, browsers, operating systems, brands, social networks and search engines.

I have spent the last year replacing most of them with high resolution up-to-date icons, but I am slowly running out of sources for improving the remaining icons, so I need your help:

How can I help?

When you open the Locations/Devices/Software/Referrers tab in Piwik, do you see any incorrect icons? Is any of your top results without an icon? Do you know any icon that could be replaced with a better version?

Then please contact me or open an issue or pull request on the piwik-icons repository. I am always open for improvements as I can’t guarantee that while manually and semi-automatically collecting over thousand icons, I haven’t made a mistake. (After all I’m not a daily user of over 150 browsers on over 70 operating systems that Piwik is able to detect)

I want to help even more

On travis you can find an automatically updated list of missing and low-quality icons. I’d be especially happy if you could provide me with icons for those entries (with a source where you got them from)

I like designing icons

At the moment unknown entries are displayed as empty, transparent icons. But I think it would be nice to have real icons for browsers/countries/operating systems/etc. that can’t be detected.
If you want to help, you can find more information here

Thank you for helping me make Piwik even better,

Lukas Winkler

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You did a really amazing job! the icons in Piwik now have a strong visual impact and fit so well within the product.

Looking forward to seeing new people contributing and helping make our icons set better :rocket:

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