Matomo heatmap plugin

Hi Team,

I am new to matomo, Installed matomo on-premises. added new website but i am unable to see heatmaps for that website. I found that need to install a plugin of heatmaps. and as per docs on-premises matomo was open-sources. can you assist on this?

Hi @vijayIQA
Heatmap is a premium plugin, you have to purchase it:

hi @heurteph-ei

i am new in matomo i checked heatmap provide a data in picture format can you help me on plugin we want a plugin same as heatmap but we want data in numarical format insted of picture.

we want a data like

1)where user click
2)on which section user click

same as a heatmap but in a numeric data format.

kishan jethloja

Hi @kishan_jethloja
Are you talking about page overlay?

hi @heurteph-ei thanks for answer.

actually i want data where vistor clicks like same as heatmaps but the problem is heatmaps provide in image format i want it in numeric data format like where user click on which text user click how much time.

for example if user visit website and what they do during website we want that all the things in report format so i will easily export it for analysis.

Hi @kishan_jethloja
Sorry, Heatmap doesn’t provide report in numerical format.
But Page overlay does!

Hi @heurteph-ei

Page overlay provide whole details like where user click like on perticular text and how much time ?because I want all the clicks where visitors does inside website

Hi @kishan_jethloja
Page overlay documentation is available there, to understand what it provides and how it works: