Matomo + Ghost on DO ubuntu 18.04 LTS droplet behind nginx with cloudflare


I am trying to setup matomo for use behind nginx and cloudflare. This is intended to be a sub-domain installation. I have unzipped matomo folder under /var/www/html and /var/www as well.

I can’t get to the installer. Nginx logs indicates a 301 error. I suspect cloudflare is blocking the access to the installer.

What should I do to access the installer ?

I have tried various setups and think i have correctly setup matomo.conf


The HTTP response code 301 doesn’t indicate an error, but means Moved Permanently (so a redirect).

Honestly if you can’t reach the installer file it has little to do with Matomo and is hard to troubleshoot as it depends a lot on your setup. But check all error logs, your nginx config (maybe there is some incorrect path) and maybe try to first exectute a simple example PHP file before trying to set up Matomo just to simplify the setup and reduce the possible sources for errors.