Matomo GeoIP database VS Google Analytics

(Pak Kriss) #1

Scenario on a test server:

Matomo runs GeoIP 2 php and (updated weekly)

Google Analytics runs in parallel with default settings.

I attached today’s report of the visitor locations. Matomo and Google Analytics.

Matomo and Google Analytics report completely different visitor geo locations.

We know from the traffic we send to the test server that Google Analytics is more accurate about the geographic location of the visitor to the country.

What are we doing wrong? Settings at Matomo? Is Maxmind’s GeoLite2 database so bad?

(Pak Kriss) #2


(Fabian Dellwing) #3

The free version of the GeoIP 2 database is not that precise, that is mostlikely the problem.

But just to be sure, you do not anonmyze the ip before doing geolocation in Matomo?

(Pak Kriss) #4

The free GeoIP database was always very accurate in terms of visitors country.

This is something new for now.

BTW no visitor anonymization active.