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Is it possible to install Matomo on a server, and survey visitors of a Piwigo website ? How to add Matomo to the Piwigo website ?

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Piwigo has a plugin/extensions architecture, and it has an extension called “Statistics” that allows integrating with Piwik.

However, it seems to be unmaintained since 2014, so I have no idea if it will still work properly with Matomo (but I’m guessing it will). Perhaps you could help maintain that extension if it needs any updating!

Yes, thanks, I found this extension. But too old, I don’t want to use a plugin that didn’t been updated since 2014.
It’s, sadly, a problem with Piwigo it seems. A lot of plugins are too old.
I perhaps change for another system that Piwigo, even if it’s a very good system.
I don’t have time or capacities to help for the moment, sorry…

Extension Statistics is working perfectly fine. Don’t worry about the date of the last update. What matters is “is it marked as compatible with latest version of Piwigo?”. Here the answer is “yes”.

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Thanks Pierrick for this precision. But it’s for security reason that I prefer not to install so old plugin. Like the Paypal plugin, or some others. I think it’s a possible breach on the system.

Just FYI, you don’t really need a plugin to integrate Matomo into some software.

As long as you can edit the header or footer template, you can just paste the tracking code there.

Thanks for this precision :wink:

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For your information :smile: