Matomo doesn't work

Hallo, matomo doesn`t work since a few days (since last update?). Every entry from the menu brings a white page, after a while Proxy Error 502. AdBlocker deactivated without changes. I have tried with different browsers.

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I can confirm the symptoms for matomo wordpress plugin 4.13.4 and 4.13.5
4.13.3 still works fine (know that cause I did a downgrade to 4.13.3 :thinking:)
Wordpress 6.1.1, Divi Theme actual version
Visible on 5 different installations, tested with different browsers

I updated the plugin to 4.13.5 this morning and also seeing a white screen when I view Matomo in the website dashboard. Seems to function in the Matomo app dashboard.

I have found the cause and the solution for my error-messages - maybe it is also your solution :wink:.
My provider (Strato) offers a PHP cache mode (called “PHP boost” at Strato) in the PHP configuration.
I disabled the “Boost”, then newly logged into all website backends in new tabs. Called Matomo functions - and it worked. Logged out of website backends and closed tabs. Subsequently, I re-enabled the “boost”/cache. Since then, the latest Matomo plugin version works as usual for me.

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Hi @pwoolridge @Oliver_Mummer
Does this sove your issue?
@innocraft did you know about this PHP boost? Maybe some addition in docs could help people on this kind of bugs…

Thank you for this solution, it worked for me - although my PHP Boost (at Strato) was not even active in the first place.
After reading your solution i checked, then activated it, just to see if there was a difference - but there was none, i got the same error as everybody here.
Then i deactivated it again and surprisingly matomo did work :slight_smile: .
Although i do not understand why it worked, it just worked - thanks!

I am using the WordPress Plugin and Strato. I figured out that the Plugin is only working when I disable the boost. When I activate the boost again, the Plugin will not work any more. But thanks for the advice! Now I know how to use it again.
(Info: Currently, I am using WordPress 6.1.1.)

Thanks! I’ve also found another simple one for Wordpress: Koko Analytics. It doesn’t collect any user data, and shows nothing else but the visitor number and pageviews, which is great for my use case. It counts visits with uBlock Origin enabled as well, but doesn’t collect when you “Do Not Track” function of browser is enabled (which I guess is the entire point of Do Not Track).

@innocraft, @matthieu
Any knowledge of incompatibility between PHP boost and Matomo?