Matomo doesn`t record events

I set up several tags. They are fired, but don`t appear in visits log. What could be a reason for that?

Hello Julia,
we need more informations. Can you post a screenshot here from your tag-definition?

Hi there, I have the same problem. in debug mode my tags seem to fire - but they dont appear in visitors log or in events/content

what exactly should i screenshot to help you help me? :-))

thx in advance

Hi @Ruso ,
if your events are fired then it could be a problem with a misconfiguration of the variable “Matomo configuration”. Do you have configured the correct Matomo site-id?
You should check the Dev Tools of your browser, when the Tag Manager debug mode shows firing the event.
Is there a network request to your Matomo-server? Does the request contains the right Site-id? Or is there a JavaScript-error at the browser console?

Greetings Udo

Hi Udo,

sorry for the late reply. I found the solution - it was really a misconfiguration of the variable.

Thx a lot :slight_smile: