Matomo Dashboard not working

The stats on Wordpress work fine but when I go to the reporting dashboard there is nothing there other than the navigation and the blue header. I saw another post similar to this but didn’t really understand the instructions.



Can you check the console of your browsers developer tools (F12) for more information?

Here are the errors I am getting:
asset_manager_core_js.js?v=4.2.1?cb=d5b11f03dced8ead74843b536a3db3c4:32 Error: [$compile:tplrt]$compile/tplrt?p0=piwikContentBlock&p1=plugins%2FCoreHome%2Fangularjs%2Fcontent-block%2Fcontent-block.directive.html%3Fcb%3Dd5b11f03dced8ead74843b536a3db3c4

at asset_manager_core_js.js?v=4.2.1?cb=d5b11f03dced8ead74843b536a3db3c4:19

There’s more but it only let me put in two links


You can use ``` or the </> button in the editor to paste things like warnings without it being detected as links.

But I think I already know the issue:
Matomo tries to fetch a content-block.directive.html file from the server, but the request fails (you can check this in the network tab of the developer tools), because your server refuses to serve the file.

One very common reason for this is that you maybe installed Matomo in a subdirectory of your main website which uses a cms that puts a rule against this into the .htaccess and as Matomo is in a subdirectory, the rule also applies.
So either use a subdomain for Matomo, or check all your htaccess files (and the webserver config) for rules that might block this request.

Ok, I just used the Wordpress plugin so I don’t know why it would save someplace else. I’ll have to talk to my host about this. Thank so much.

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So my hosting company gave all the permissions and I am still seeing the blank page when I hit the “reporting” button BUT when I hit the “Visitors” pin it gives me a graph. Aren’t I supposed to have a homepage with all the graphs and menu? Or is that for the paid version?


You should be able to see all reports like in

Check again if the error in the console is still there.
The reason I mentioned has nothing to do with the permissions, but rather with the .htaccess file in the main directory having rules that affect Matomo (or in your case maybe another Wordpress plugin that interferes with Matomo)

Right, I meant Siteground fixed the access files. I’ll look through my plugins as well and get with my ad server who is my proxy server. Maybe it’s something on their end.

Ok, so quant.js is still being blocked. Is that you guys?


There is no quant.js file in Matomo

Ok, I’ll keep at it.