Matomo Custom Report Plugin

Hi, I’m trying to get a Report to display the number of downloads of files per Day. I’ve installed the Custom Report Plugin, and was able to display there either Download Times per Day or to display the last day a file got downloaded and how often on that day, but not to Display a number of downloads per file per day like:

10.01.2023 filename1.pdf 18 Downloads
10.01.2023 filename2.pdf 10 Downloads
11.01.2023 filename1.pdf 19 Downloads
11.01.2023 filename2.pdf 9 Downloads
12.01.2023 filename1.pdf 12 Downloads
12.01.2023 filename2.pdf 14 Downloads

Is there any way to Achive a report like that shown above? and if yes, how can that be achived and what Plugins do I need for that?

Thanks a lot in advance

Best Regards