"matomo/console climulti:request" About the PHP process

The process written below will start asynchronously.
#Even though it’s asynchronous, it starts relatively between 9:00am and 9:30am on Fridays.

/usr/bin/php -q /MATOMO_PATH/matomo/console climulti:request -q --matomo-domain='www.<domain>' --superuser 'module=API&format=csv&convertToUnicode=0&method=CoreAdminHome.runScheduledTasks&trigger=archivephp' 2>&1

If you know what this process is running, please let me know.
At first I thought it was a process running an archive, but
Archives are not executed using cron, and archiving via browser access is also disabled.
Additionally, if this process is running, CPU usage and memory usage will increase.

Below is the usage environment.
Matomo version: 4.14.2
MySQL version: 10.3.35-MariaDB-log
PHP version: 7.2.24

I am a beginner user of Matomo, so please give me some guidance.

Hi @t0ru
This is the Matomo archiving process, that compile all tracked data to generate all Matomo reports.

thank you. Philippe

Is it still an archiving process?


  • Not implemented in cron.
  • Archives triggered by the browser are disabled.
    In this situation, what triggers the archiving?

Hi @t0ru
Probably Matomo has a fallback when no archiving process is defined, it still tries to run one once a week?
Archiving is mandatory, as if it is not run, no report is available…
What are following configuration settings?

  • browser_archiving_disabled_enforce
  • enable_browser_archiving_triggering
  • time_before_***_archive_considered_outdated
  • scheduled_tasks_min_interval


thank you. Philippe

The settings are as follows.

browser_archiving_disabled_enforce = 0
enable_browser_archiving_triggering = 1
time_before_today_archive_considered_outdated = 900
time_before_week_archive_considered_outdated = -1
time_before_month_archive_considered_outdated = -1
time_before_year_archive_considered_outdated = -1
time_before_range_archive_considered_outdated = -1
scheduled_tasks_min_interval = 3600

browser_archiving_disabled_enforce = 1

 The following parameters are not set.
 enable_browser_archiving_triggering no set
 time_before_today_archive_considered_outdated no set
 time_before_week_archive_considered_outdated no set
 time_before_month_archive_considered_outdated no set
 time_before_year_archive_considered_outdated no set
 time_before_range_archive_considered_outdated no set
 scheduled_tasks_min_interval no set

Hi @t0ru
You wrote:

But Matomo says that the browser archiving is set:

Then the PHP process you wonder about is the archiving process, triggered by incoming HTTP request…

Philippe Thank you as always. appreciate.

What is “triggered by incoming HTTP request”?
Does it show what happens when you log in to Matomo’s WebUI?