Matomo cloud test account

I switched to cloud based matomo after testing 3.4.0, 3.5.1, 3.6.0 and OWA ( - strangely the screenshot from one of my domains was not what I have designed … whatever developers).

My web server hosting package has no ssh shell access. So that must be top notch secure, but somehow, installing piwik on my server causes nothing more than problems and accessing the stats page for one domain is extremely slow.

Matomo cloud test account. (so better cloud hosting than using php 7.1 & mysql on my own web server)

  1. Settings > changing the currency and region has no effect after pressing the “Save” button.

  2. There’s something wrong here with visits and pageview on the “All Websites” overview page.

Puuuuuh … php & mysql & ssl & security & refresh & browser cache & javascript

Yorh Ekin