Matomo Cloud or self-hosted Matomo?

Hello :grinning: !
We are a small association (Vikidia) and we host a children’s encyclopedia called Vikidia, based on the same model as Wikipedia.

For audience measurement we want to go through Matomo, but we lack technical knowledge. Do you think that storing matomo with us (we are a site with approximately 2 million monthly visits) would cost us how much per year (hosting + costs of a computer specialist for installation + maintenance and updating of the system by someone one qualified)?

We hesitate with the Matomo Cloud paid offer (which would cost us €309 per month) but it seems a bit expensive. But if you think it’s the best or close enough in price, we’re ready to think about this option. Our priority is to have a functional tool (we already use Matomo but there are often problems, and the tool has not been usable for several months…).

Thank you in advance for your assistance

The choice is on the cost of Devops remuneration. If you think you’re going to spend less than 3.7K in a year for the technical part, it’s a deal.
For a business, the real cost nowadays is the lack of a data recovery plan.