Matomo Cloud - localhost


I am having issues with receiving the data via localhost. I have a matomo cloud account and I do not always get the data. I noticed that when the browser uses adblock software, that it doesn’t work. Disabling this doesn’t help. I also used other browsers. Sometimes when I switch from browser I get the data. How does this work? When does matomo cloud receive the data? Can it differentiate between different accounts or is it only based on ip address?
I hope someone can help.

Kind Regards,


Hi Michelle,

Can you elaborate a bit more on what data you are missing? For example do you find that the tracking stops?



The problem is that not all visits to the web page are recorded when I switch from accounts. So I miss data of whole visitors in the visitor log. and other places. I think this has something to do with that it is not able to detect different accounts in the same browser, but I am not sure.