Matomo Cloud, console error of my web site

Hello everyone,
context: About 3 months ago a test of matomo functionalities was done, for which a matomo cloud account was created using the trial version.

The problem I have is that I do not have access to the cloud account because I finished the trial version, but currently I get the following error by console of my website although we have no matomo cloud script, please can you help me how I can solve this error

Hi @ylvicente

What has likely happened in this case is that one or more of your pages on your website still contains the Matomo tracking code that you setup during your Cloud trial period.

When checking your site I can see that the tracking code implementation is still present:

You would need to remove this code to stop the errors from occurring.

What happens is that previously we stopped using matomo because we had a problem of overload on our website server for which we returned to deploy, at that time we no longer had the free license of matomo cloud for which we have now deployed matomo on a server for tracking and is the script that you can view on our website , with the domain

On the other hand if you enter the google console you can see the error that is matomo cloud, it is shown in the image that attached

on the other hand, in our production website which is we don’t have any matomo script but in the google console we get the error.

@ylvicente Thanks for the additional information.
When visiting the site directly it looks as though there are no errors for the Matomo Cloud domain that you previously had:

Is it perhaps possible that the Matomo Cloud tracking code is getting added through the Google Tag Manager that is on the site? (I wasn’t able to load the tag manager on this device as its blocked from loading)

Hello, we have checked the tools linked to the website but we see that there is nothing about matomo, moreover we have removed the script that we placed and the same way the error is still visible.

on the other hand, as we were testing Matomo with the cloud version and the cloud script was placed on the web site, it must be that you see something that you want to track and that is why the error appears. We tried to log in to the cloud account to validate it but it does not allow us to do it anymore.

@ylvicente, I agree @rstark:

The Matomo script is loaded from your Google Tag Manager!