Matomo Chrome Extension to Insert Tracking Pixel into Gmail?

(BenFranklin!) #1
  1. I know there are many extension to track email opens.
  2. I also know that you can insert a tracking pixel into your emails to track if a user opens an email or not
    Question: Any existing Chrome extensions that will auto-insert the tracking pixel into all your Gmail emails and allow you to set your Matomo install to gather all the open information there?

If not, anyone think this is a good idea? Want to work on building this with me?

(Fabian Dellwing) #2

I’m asking myself:

Who is sending mails with gmail in the browser and needs tracking?

Either I send large batches of mail, than I dont use gmail in browser.
Or I send single personal mails, than I dont need tracking.

(BenFranklin!) #3

Open notifications / stats even for any email sent helps.

Currently we use Hubspot and it works great for this. They have a great Chrome extension that automatically pulls in the information about the recipients email and puts that into a tracking pixel. The same thing could be done with Matomo and then we wouldn’t have to pay for these additional services and would have more of our information in one place.