Matomo can not connect to database

Hello, I am having this issue you can see here:

Cannot connect to the database:

SQLSTATE[HY000] [2054] The server requested authentication method unknown to the client

I did not touch anything since last update. What happened?

I have also another installation here which works fine (same host provider): Sign in - Matomo

Are you using a shared hoster?

If yes, please reset the password for the mysql user (you can set it to the old value). Afterwards it should work again.

If no, please show us output of cat /var/log/mysql/error.log

Hi, thank you for quick response. It is a payed host, I do not if this means something. I will send the log this evening (gmt +1) when I will be back home.

I will look into this tomorrow then, but I have one more tip.

This error usually occurs if the mysql server was recently upgraded from < 5.3. So resetting the password for the user will solve the problem in this case.

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Thank you so much! I made it exactly changing the password to the mysql database! Now it works.

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