Matomo Archiving issue

We are running into Archiving process issues.
The Matomo article here said that “If you run archiving several times per day, it will re-archive today’s reports, as well as any reports for a date range which includes today: current week, current month, etc.” Does it make sense to you?
So, it means that it doesn’t just re-archive today’s data, but it goes back to the current week and current month. So it runs week, month, year on every run.

Our archiving process still processing 10/22’s data with period = day even if it said it was complete (see below):
Here is the log from the last job that was ran successfully:
INFO [2023-10-31 16:15:32] 14392 SUMMARY
INFO [2023-10-31 16:15:32] 14392 Processed 184 archives.
INFO [2023-10-31 16:15:32] 14392 Total API requests: 184
INFO [2023-10-31 16:15:32] 14392 done: 184 req, 630195 ms, no error
INFO [2023-10-31 16:15:32] 14392 Time elapsed: 630.195s

Does it make sense to you?
Our last job that started was set to go up to 6GB of memory has been running for over an hour now and it is consuming about 4.5GB (and climbing).

Any support is welcome

You should seriously think about shortening the interval of your cronjob.
recommended: @hourly.
The rest is done by matomo by itself. Not everything is archived with every job. Matomo has its own logic.

If you invalidate all reports and then re-archive all raw data, then not everything is done with one cron job. Several jobs are needed in a series, or if possible at the same time, to re-archive everything.

It becomes problematic if too much data has to be processed at once with each cron job. Then matomo is overwhelmed with the archiving.