Matomo and tracking download link

I try to manage download link tracking like eBooks or video content. How to manage this or using paid plugin?

Hi there,
Click on goals then the condition is when someone clicked on a downloaded link and you are good to go. Always double check that in the visit log downloads are listed.

Is it possible to set tracking goals based on segments. It means it will be set format like PDF


and set Category Document download > name of URL

you can set goals based on downloads not on segment. Which segment are you thinking about?

I try to set goals like GTM based on goals:

  1. Category: Document download
  2. Event: name of URL (I try to pick it up name of document and maybe path like URL)

yes, so it is easy, set goals based on an event.

Do you have an image due to Category: Document download and Event: name of URL.

Can we send an email when goal met its condition?