Matomo and Apple "App tracking transparency"

my project is written in ionic. So it`s an angular project, which is compiled as native iOs and Android app working with a webview in the app.

As I see it, i`m not allowed to use Google Analytics, if user did answer with “Do not track” to the App Tracking Transparency Pop-Up when starting the app.

What about Matomo? I of course would like to know, how users in the iOs app behave in my app. Does Matomo have something like a “Non tracking mode”, which allows to know what the user does in my app, which is in consent with the “App Tracking transparency”?

Thank you!

From Apple:

You must use the AppTrackingTransparency framework if your app collects data about end users and shares it with other companies for purposes of tracking across apps and web sites. The AppTrackingTransparency framework presents an app-tracking authorization request to the user and provides the tracking authorization status.

My understanding is:
If you don’t share the tracked data and don’t track across apps and websites, then you can use Matomo without using the AppTrackingTransparency framework.

Ok, thank you! That’s good news. Maybe i’m going to move the whole thing to Matomo… :slightly_smiling_face: