Matomo and 3rd Party Tracking (DCM)

We are seeing large discrepancies between Double-click Campaign Manger and Motomo (PIWIK) most notably in click volume and visits recorded - at times a 60% discrepancy.

We currently have 3rd tracking tracking, which also applies a UTM code - we are seeing some activity pull through but as mentioned this discrepancy far exceeds what we expect between two platforms.

Help on this issue would be greatly appreciated

Just giving this a bump up!

We have already looked at the below options but they only can go part way to explian the large difference in figures being reported

  • Someone can click the ad multiple times during the same session -we’ll count the visit just once per session.- A huge amount of visitors clicks the add out of curiosity and closing the tab or browser shortly after, without landing on the page

  • Those visitors that landed on the page(s) may not be tracked if they had DNT (do not track) option enabled or any other plugins that may block tracking scripts enabled (e.g. Ghostery).