Matomo analytics for Moodle page

Hi everyone,

we have just started using Matomo for our Moodle site and I am quite impressed how much we can already see through the default stats that are offered by Matomo. However, I’d like to customise a few statistics and I think, this works by creating a container and setting up individual tags. This, unfortunately, is how far I got on my own…so I am really hoping for help from you guys!

How can I install tags that:

  • Give me not only an overview of how many visitors I have per page, but also where they are visiting from (map / list of locations)?
  • Not only list all sites, but categorises sites into courses (following the bread crumb from course to module …) and then shows me how many people passively visited and how many people actively visited (e.g. clicked, uploaded etc.)?
  • Show how many people visited a course after its’ “active” time (meaning after moderators have left the course) and also show their respective locations?
  • Provide me with information on how long it takes a unique visitor to actively go through one full course?

I know, this is a whole lot of stuff and maybe, not everything can be implemented. But I’ve experienced this platform to be an amazing way to learn from experts and am really keen on improving my know-how on this aspect with you! Thanks so much in advance and best regards!