Matomo 5.1.0 does not send reports

Hello, After updating to Matomo 5.1.0, it does not send reports anymore.
It should do it once in a week on Monday at 11am UTC.
In the log I see it is doing all the action for reports archiving but I don’t see any action regarding sending by email.
I don’t see any error.
Any help?

Hi @Matomer
Very strange. What if you update the report? What if you create a new one?

I have just created a new one and scheduled daily at hour 16. It says it will run at 14 UTC and it is correct. It does not run, i does not sendthe report, I do not see anything in the log.
If I run if manually it correctly send me the report after complaining that the period was not set. But if I set the period correctly:


it does send the report.
If I manually try to send an email with the command ./console core:test-email it sends it correctly.

After sending the report manually (I can’t keep waiting the persons who need these reports) I have got he following errors in the log:

ERROR Piwik\ExceptionHandler[2024-07-08 14:10:50 UTC] [c694b] Uncaught exception: /var/www/html/core/FrontController.php(501): The plugin DbefUbzf is not enabled. You can activate the plugin on Settings > Plugins page in Matomo. [Query: ?date=5357-30-31&module=DbefUbzf&fftzfag=&idSite=3&period=week&action=efevefdgGbDbefUbzfVaefk, CLI mode: 0]

I wonder to know what plugin DbefUbzf is ???

Hi @Matomer
Very strange, indeed.
I suggest you create a bug report at: