Matomo 4 .htaccess files: - Bug and feature request

used Matomo version: 4.3.1

The bug:
The .htaccess file in misc/user/ prevents loading your own logo files (in case you have them). I’m not sure if other .htaccess files may have a similar side effect, too.

Feature request:
Sitauation: We use a deployment system to deploy all software from a central server out to the application servers. It is very important because of this, that software does not write to its base installation directory, as it would become overwritten when re-deploying. So we deactivate write access to the installation directories. Subdirectories that need to be written to, are linked into another places (e. g. a specific data directory, which is not affected during deployment). Thus, writing those .htaccess files on the fly does not work very well, at least not for directories where usually no data is written to.
Request: As the .htaccess files seems to contain specific but fixed entries for each directory, I suggest not to create them on the fly, but put them as fixed files into the installation tar ball.

Thanks you in advance!
Best regards