Matomo 3.50 Visitor Profile: IP Address Missing

Since updating to 3.5 I can no longer see the IP Address in the Visitor Profile or the Visitors in Real-Time view.

How can I restore this?



They were cut to save a bit of space in the real-time view. (they are still visible in the visitor profile if you click on the grey box.

But as many people asked for it they will come back in the real-time view as a tooltip:

Hi Lukas,
Thanks for the quick reply.

Is this likely to be included in 3.5.1? When would the next release likely be?

Thanks :slight_smile:


Even with a tooltip view it’s still INCONVENIENT. Please revert back to the original design as the direct visibility of IP addresses is extremely important. If not, please give a custom mod to bring back that feature.


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