Matomo 3.5 reactivate IP data display


we face that after our system upgrade to Matomo 3.5 no IP where shown at Dashboards anymore. I’ve found no option to make this possible again anymore, are we able to do so and how?

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It’s a bit hidden but the feature is still there. When you click on the grey header on the right side of the visitor profile it expands:


In addition the visitor log still shows the IP for every visit.

Hi Lukas,

thanks, but is it possible to activate it on Frontdashboard (as it were before) again?



Unfortunatly this isn’t possible as the space there is limited.

i don’t see limited space there, but ok.

Thank you Lukas.

I also have this issue - It makes the Dashboard useless - not an improvement at all
How can I go back to the previous version?


The next version will include the IP-Address as a tooltip:

BTW: This would be a great case for a Matomo plugin so that those who need the IP can still see it on the dashboard.

What do you mean by tool tip - will you need to hover to see it?

Exactly. But as mentioned before, Matomo is completly modular and you can customize it to your use case. I want to claim that most users don’t care about the IP (or are anonymizing it), but some do, so this could be implemented in a optional plugin everyone who wants to see the IP can install.

Thanks when will this be available?

When someone writes it and publishes it on the marketplace.

Time to move on then :slight_smile:Adios Piwik

Agreed. Having to hover parts of the dashboard to see the IP to see a pop-up like box is totally useless and really annoying.

Adios from me too to Matomo/Piwik - whatever name you want to call yourselves! Damn.

Where will you go now?


Ok u can use this name…SiPoyo