Matomo 3.10.0 Release Candidate release: help needed

Dear community,

We are excited to announce the availability of Matomo 3.10.0 Release Candidate release.

More than 100 issues were closed for this release, see the full list at: 3.10.0 Milestone · GitHub

How to update to release candidate?

You can configure Matomo to let you upgrade to the latest RC from within the UI: see steps in this FAQ. Alternatively, download Matomo latest RC manually on

How to report feedback?

Please post any bug or question or suggestion in this forum post, or create an issue on the issue tracker at: Issues · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub.

We hope you enjoy this new release, and looking forward to hearing your feedback and any bug you may find. Thanks!

Major changes

(inofficial changelog by @Lukas)

  • Matomo now really respects DoNotTrack for everyone (previously it ignored it in browsers that had it enabled by default without user interaction). There will be a plugin to bring back the old behaviour.
  • display a warning if using PHP <7.1 #14201
  • make numbers in tables look nicer #14193
  • allow theming the theme-color shown in android chrome and more #14282
  • you can now segment by Firefox instead of FF #13929
  • allow disabling password change notification #14281
  • Group referrer URLs with different protocols together #14358
  • Require password confirmation before installing plugins #14387
  • Invalidate archives when visits removed via GDPR tool #14399
  • A new command to test emails #14467
  • Welcome widget shows the new Video #14454

and a lot more bug fixes


A simpler list of what’s new would help. The GitHub list is a techie and messy list of things that don’t sound very important to update for. Thanks.


Changelog will come with release as always.


You are right, a quick summary would be helpful. I won’t have time for it until wednesday, but if I don’t forget, I’ll create one then.

I have now added the summary. All in all there aren’t that many changes most people will notice (They’ll come with Matomo 4), but just a huge amount of fixed bugs.

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Hats off guys, great product! In terms of simplifying, why not just break up the list into “Major Changes” and “Minor Changes” That will simplify things a bit