Match expression for goals or funnels

I’m trying to set up goals that matches a regular expression but I’m having trouble getting the goal to trigger.

Is there any kind of documentation as to how Matomo understands regular expressions, or some way to check if the syntax is correct and understandable by matomo.

I set up goals based on the to expressions below and ran them trough a regex-checker to see if they matches expected URI’s – which they do but for some reason none of them trigger.



Any help or pointers would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @nso
There are already a few inline help examples shown in the Goal UI, are they not clear enough maybe?

Hi @matthieu
Thanks for getting back to me.
The inline example is very short. Maybe it’s because I’m new to regular expressions but it would be helpful if there was at more comprehensive description about how Matomo expects regular expressions to be formed.
For example it looks like Matomo expects & and = to be escaped using . However not escaping these the did not cause problems when I checked the expressions against expected URI’s using to test them.