Matamo administration - I see nothing



I have a problem with Matamo administration. My Matamo is self-hosted on my domain. I made a clear installation today, deleted old Piwik folder and copy new files downloaded today (v 3.6). Then the setup guide, everything went fine. Finally, I logged in as superuser but I see the no detail information… Meaning I see only the upper bar with “Matamo, Setting, Help, Log out” and the menu on the left side (Personal, System, Platform, Diagnosis etc.) but when I click on anything, there is just a blank page in the middle, no further information, setting… Well, I thought it is caused by my browser (latest Firefox), respectively by plugins, but my domain is whitelisted everywhere and it is the same when I try for example Palemoon browser without any plugin. I had the exact same problem with the last version of Piwik. Does anybody have an idea where could be the problem?

Thank you

(Lukas Winkler) #2


When I try to open I get server errors on every javascript file that should get fetched. (You can check in your browsers developer tools at Network)

So it seems like there is some kind of issue with your webserver config. As your Matomo instance is in a subdirectory, it is possible that the .htaccess of the main directory is interfering. You could try setting up Matomo on a seperate subdomain/vhost.