Massive difference in Piwik numbers to Google Analytics numbers

I installed Piwik on my shared host a few days ago. In order to see what’s happening I track vistors both on Piwik and on Google Analytics. However, the numbers in GA are significantly higher than those in Piwik.

For example: For 2015-11-12 Piwik shows 287 pageviews while GA shows 867. I think I took care that all relevant settings are alike: Both are set not to track bots and both do not track visits from our company’s headquarters IP address.

I am wondering which other issue might lead to the GA numbers being significantly higher.

do you find that some pages are not tracked by Piwik, or does it seem to affect all pages about the same?

it affects all pages the same. As far as I can see all pages are being tracked.

Google will count a bot as a hit. Piwik only seems to count REAL people. Piwik doesnt count the referrer spam but Google does. Not all the hits are actul people. If you want to see all like Google maybe try to use server logs to import into piwik.

yes, One of the reasons is that we block referrer spam: Stopping Referrer Spam - Analytics Platform - Matomo

I had the same question,
Now I know the answer.
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Thanks for the replies, guys. Now I have to convince my boss that lower numbers are actually better :wink:

The views pw tracks are people who can actually buy or use the service the site is promoting.