Marketplace sorting by date


May I suggest the marketplace ( ) be sorted by “last update” by default ?

Even better would be also : Last update, or Name or Downloads/popularity.

I love my stuff fresh so by “Last update” seems more important for frequent users than popularity. But as usual, having choice would be nice.



Hi Dali,

thank you for your feedback! We currently have 90% new visits on the Marketplace and only 10% returning. So it probably makes sense to leave the current default sort order but I agree there could be a sorting mechanism the same way it is currently done already in the Piwik software itself.


FYI: I created a ticket for this As a user I want to be able to sort plugins on the Marketplace · Issue #5003 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub


My Piwik installation doesn’t “see” the internet so I’m dependent of the page to keep an eye on updates, that’s why it strikes me.

Put that in the “nice to have” list, Once there are more than 25 plugins, it can migrate to “should have”. :wink:



Exactly, the idea from the beginning was to display this feature once we have a few more plugins. We hope to reach them soon :slight_smile: