Marketplace plugin deactivated - error when Checking for Updates

Piwik v2.17.1, deactivate plugin “Marketplace”, click on “Check for Updates”:
Error: Entry Piwik\Plugins\Marketplace\Api\Client cannot be resolved: Entry Piwik\Plugins\Marketplace\Api\Service cannot be resolved: The parameter 'domain' of Piwik\Plugins\Marketplace\Api\Service::__construct has no value defined or guessableFull definition:Object ( class = Piwik\Plugins\Marketplace\Api\Service scope = singleton lazy = false __construct( $domain = #UNDEFINED# ))Full definition:Object ( class = Piwik\Plugins\Marketplace\Api\Client scope = singleton lazy = false __construct( $service = get(Piwik\Plugins\Marketplace\Api\Service) $cache = get(Piwik\Cache\Lazy) $logger = get(Psr\Log\LoggerInterface) $environment = get(Piwik\Plugins\Marketplace\Environment) ))