Marketing Campaigns tracking cross-site

Hi all

We have a couple of linked websites where the user journey is, both of which have Matomo tracking on and are set up to use Matomo cookies across the root domain.

If a user arrives on with Marketing Campaign cookies, does Matomo “keep” these when the user moves across to the subdomain?


Hi @justin.finkelstein
Maybe have a look at:

This may explain hot this will / should work

Hi @heurteph-ei

Thanks for sharing that. I’ve worked through the flow chart and I think the user should be keeping their mtm_campaign parameter as this should be set in a cookie.

I’ve checked by testing this across our two sites and I can see the campaign attribute is lost.

I’ve also checked the settings referred to by that flow which are currently set to:

  • create_new_visit_when_campaign_changes = 1
  • create_new_visit_when_website_referrer_changes = 0

Am I missing something?

Is there a way I can debug this further?


@SteveG can you help @justin.finkelstein?

I’ve just been chatting with a colleague who knows Matomo better than I and he’s pointed me to the Matomo documentation’s Javascript Tracking Guide (Measuring domains and/or subdomains).

From what he’s told me and what I can read, I understand this: If I have set up as site ID 1 in Matomo and as site ID 2, I cannot see user visits transitioning between to two unless I track both of these domains in the same site ID.

Is this correct?