Marketing Campaigns tracking cross-site

Hi all

We have a couple of linked websites where the user journey is, both of which have Matomo tracking on and are set up to use Matomo cookies across the root domain.

If a user arrives on with Marketing Campaign cookies, does Matomo “keep” these when the user moves across to the subdomain?


Hi @justin.finkelstein
Maybe have a look at:

This may explain hot this will / should work

Hi @heurteph-ei

Thanks for sharing that. I’ve worked through the flow chart and I think the user should be keeping their mtm_campaign parameter as this should be set in a cookie.

I’ve checked by testing this across our two sites and I can see the campaign attribute is lost.

I’ve also checked the settings referred to by that flow which are currently set to:

  • create_new_visit_when_campaign_changes = 1
  • create_new_visit_when_website_referrer_changes = 0

Am I missing something?

Is there a way I can debug this further?


@SteveG can you help @justin.finkelstein?

I’ve just been chatting with a colleague who knows Matomo better than I and he’s pointed me to the Matomo documentation’s Javascript Tracking Guide (Measuring domains and/or subdomains).

From what he’s told me and what I can read, I understand this: If I have set up as site ID 1 in Matomo and as site ID 2, I cannot see user visits transitioning between to two unless I track both of these domains in the same site ID.

Is this correct?

Just stumbled upon this thread and wanted to say thanks for the help.

Hi there. Just stumbled upon this thread and wanted to share my 2 cents. Regarding your question, if a user arrives on domain com with Marketing Campaign cookies, Matomo should indeed keep these cookies when the user moves over to the subdomain. Matomo is designed to use cookies across the root domain, so the user’s journey should be tracked seamlessly. By the way, have you tried using any SMM followers to boost your campaigns? They can really help increase your online presence. Good luck