Manually capture a snapshot for Heatmaps

I am struggling with heatmaps. There is an option to manually capture a snapshot by pasting a script in your browsers console. I tried this several times but all i get is “undefined” in the console. Not sure what to expect? I read the instructions on Matomos support page but still cannot pull it off.
Is there anyone who has any idea how i manually can grab a snapshot for heatmap?



Hi @SteveIs
As this concerns premium plugin, you can send an email to the Matomo support team.

Hi @SteveIs can you please confirm that you followed the note on this FAQ: How to capture the initial heatmap snapshot manually ?

If you do, please doublecheck the {idHeatmap} if it is correct.

Yes i have the correct ID


Hi @SteveIs ,

Can you please get in touch with our support team at