Manual Campaign Tracking Only working sometimes?

(Robin Johnson) #1

I’m trying to verify that our goal tracking is working.

I visit the site with utm_campaign=test1
I see the visit record in piwik
I progress to the "cart"
I see my first url-matched goal fire off for getting them to /cart/checkout
then, I checkout.

I see the image based URL tracker in the page:

And I can see that the url is firing. But the conversion goal is not being recorded in pwik – SOMETIMES. It does fire off, but I can’t get it to go when I test it.

I’m thinking – do I have to change my network? I always try with a different browser and I usually clear the cache. Sometimes I try with my vpn on / off. Nothing seems to work. It’s almost like the goal is being tracked elsewhere…but only sometimes. Because I do some conversions, just not as many as we should be seeing.

Note: there is other piwik tracking code in the page pointing at a differnet site ID. That’s why I’m using the image based tracker.

Thanks in advance for any tips!

(Lidia) #2

Check out reddit for help. Meanwhile, I can help you with reddit. It finally got a good mobile app here’s it