Managing analytics for a large number of domains

Greetings, I’ve recently set up piwik for client-side monitoring (in addition to GA) for work. We are a marketing company and have several thousand active domains at any time.

In my initial setup, I imported all of our sites into the piwik database. That is, each domain is a separate site.

I’m starting to run into issues however. For example, the “All Websites dashboard” can take several minutes to never to load, and chugs along on our dedicated server ( the rest of the dashboard is mostly snappy).

I also want to see all of our visitor logs, across all of our domains, on the same page. I’d like to categorize these using custom variables (website template, industry, etc), and be able to view the visitor logs for every user matching this filter, across all of our domains.

Would this be achievable using a “parent” site, and adding our thousands of domains to the piwik_site_url table pointing to the parent site? Basically use a single “master” site, and use custom variables like an internal site or template id to filter based on those params? Looking at the ‘segment’ feature it looks like this might work for our needs, but I’m not sure on performance side effects (I would guess it’d be much faster).

Has anybody done a similar setup and ran into these challenges?


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If your piwik dashboard loads slow, you can increase your buffer size in php.ini

Its generally 128MB. We scaled it upto 2gb so it loads pretty quick.

And adding the extra custom website urls should do it. Probably :stuck_out_tongue:

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